Robert People - The Writing "Tailor"



I have worked for more than 10 years as a professional editor, proofreader and journalist in the United States Army, with numerous works in Army and military base publications. Among the various levels of writing, journalism, proofreading and editing training I have received in high school, college, and the military, I have also been trained at the Defense Information School in Fort Meade, Maryland.

I have been a writer for just about all my life. I have self-published five books (working on finishing my sixth), written several screenplays, poetry, news stories and have maintained a blog for more than six years.


First off, thank you for visiting my page. If you are here, then you are seeking editing and proofreading services for your work and I thank you for considering me as an option. I would like to utilize my professional skills and expertise to improve your writing. Whether you are an author, a screenwriter, blogger, journalist, or you’re even looking for some help with school assignments, I could greatly help your work.

I call myself The Writing “Tailor” because just as a tailor’s job is not to “change” what you are wearing, I am not here to change your work. I am simply looking to clean it up and make it as presentable as can be, the same way a tailor does that with your clothing.

Also, I am NOT here to critique your work. I am in no position to tell you that what you’re doing won’t work. I am only here to make it look better. After all, once upon a time, someone thought Star Wars would not work.


PROOFREADING: This is to get rid of cosmetic errors; i.e., correcting spelling and grammar. Here, I am not looking to re-arrange your content or re-work your text.

EDITING: Proofreading is included in this step. This is also to help improve style and formatting. I will make sure the style flows well and that the formatting (if necessary) is correct. I will ensure there are no inconsistencies and check for continuity errors.

(For example, if a character in your book is a certain age at one point, but later on in the story, an established amount of time has passed and you either forgot to advance that character’s age appropriately, or the character’s age advanced too much.)

Also, this may require me to re-work some of your text and paragraphs, or re-arrange some of the content. I am NOT looking to change your story or work during this process. I often prefer to reach out to you again just to check that in re-working, I am not changing what you have.


-  Books (all genres)

-  Screenwriting (all genres and types)

-  Journalism

-  School Writing Assignments (Term papers, reports, etc.)

-  Blog posts

If there are other areas of writing not covered here, please inquire. Chances are, I will still be able to help.


I use Microsoft Word, so I will simply highlight the area(s) that need to be corrected and write in the notes area what the corrections should be, along with other notes and questions that may be unclear. This way, you can see exactly what I’m doing.

If you do not have or cannot access Microsoft Word for whatever reason, please let me know and we will explore other options.


BEFORE YOU HAVE TO PAY, I will do a small sample of your work ABSOLUTELY FREE! This way, you can see the work that I do and then you can decide whether or not you would like to proceed. If you choose to proceed, then what's listed below applies. 

(Editing costs INCLUDE proofreading for the editing price)

I also DO accept payment plans.

BOOKS (all genres):

Proofreading: $5 per page

Editing: $7.50 per page

EXPEDITED REQUEST: An additional $75 per manuscript

SCREENWRITING (Short scripts 10-20 pages):

Proofreading: $20 (flat-rate)

Editing: $25 (flat-rate)

EXPEDITED REQUEST: An additional $10 per screenplay

SCREENWRITING (30-minute and 60-minute television programming):

Proofreading: $90 (flat rate)

Editing: $100 (flat rate)

EXPEDITED REQUEST: An additional $50 per screenplay

SCREENWRITING (Full-length movies):

Proofreading: $125 (flat rate)

Editing: $150 (flat rate)

EXPEDITED REQUEST: An additional $50 per screenplay


Proofreading: $0.03 per word

Editing: $0.05 per word

EXPEDITED REQUEST: An additional $20 per story


Proofreading: $0.03 per word

Editing: $0.05 per word

EXPEDITED REQUEST: An additional $15 per assignment


Proofreading: $0.03 per word

Editing: $0.05 per word

EXPEDITED REQUEST: An additional $10 per post


PayPal (

Credit Card (coming soon)

CashApp (coming soon)


Thank you for your business! BEFORE sending payment, ensure you know your word count so you’re aware of the total costs. Just about all writing programs have a word count option, so that is what I will use to calculate total price.

Once you have that determined:

-  Please send a copy of your work to

-  In the SUBJECT of the e-mail, please include a title for your work and “for” whichever service you are requesting. (EX. “Women’s Role in the Military – For Proofreading”)

-  In the BODY of the e-mail, simply state what type of work it is, the title, the word count, and the completion request (How soon you will need the work back with corrections), and whether you are making an EXPEDITED request. For example:

Work: Mid-Term Report

Title: Women’s Role in the Military

Word Count: 1,000

Completion Request: 7 days

Expedited Request: Yes or No

 *Does NOT have to be in bold*

-  I will verify the word count and inform you of the total cost before proceeding.

-  I will complete all work in the order I receive the requests.

-  The speed in which I complete the work depends on my workload, which I will be certain to communicate to you. Since that is sometimes unclear ahead of time, completing your proofreading/editing could take anywhere from a FEW HOURS to SEVERAL DAYS. Please remember that obviously it will take me longer to edit a novel than a mid-term report, so please keep that in mind for the completion request.

-  If for any reason I will not be able to meet your completion request, I will let you know and then you can inform me if you would like to proceed. 

-  If you choose not to continue and have already paid, your money WILL be refunded, no questions asked.

-  An EXPEDITED REQUEST moves your work to the top of the list. Please note the additional fees for an expedited request. This fee will be added to the proofreading or edited rate. However, please still inform me of when you are looking for the work to be completed. Again, I will notify you as to the length of time necessary OR refund your payment upon you choosing to discontinue, with no questions asked.

THANK YOU, and hope to be able to work for you soon!