February 3rd Victory


In one week I have lost 6.4 lbs.

What I have started doing is portion control and making sure of counting calories, i'm using myfitnesspal app on my phone to do that. it's free and it's a great app.Also drinking half of my weight of water per day. Also went back into making sure I walk everyday my 10,000 steps. I use the fitbit for that.  The next week will be difficult only because I injured myself. I'm on crutches and a boot. 

Starting over 1/25/2019

CW=Current Weight

Back to square one, I have gained back 53 lbs from the 76 lbs I had lost on my journey. That will not discourage me.

GW= Goal Weight

I will start with baby steps so my first goal weight would be to get out of the 200lbs. club

My Final Goal Weight

When it's all said and done I would love to get to my final goal weight of 160lbs.

stay tune i'm going to make it happen. 


Never Give up untili your last breath

My Health Journey Testimony 8/6/2018

I hope this Video will Encourage and Motivate you on your health Journey today.

8/20/2018 Venice Beach Motivation

Here I am, getting in a run on Venice Beach. As for that last part, I am a screenwriter. Yes, actors and actresses, remember my name, because you WILL see it again. Hopefully on a script of mine.

8/15/2018 let's talk portion control

 This video is to encourage you to make wise food decisions and use the method of portion control. I pray it helps you as it has helped me through my health Journey. 

No rain is stopping us 8/10/2018

 This morning we woke up by 7 am to go to the gym and get it in, there is no excuse. 

Zumba Update 8/9/2018

 When on your health Journey, you need to renew your mind set. some days you will get discouraged but you need to fight your mind not to give up. also I share some of the things i'm doing to get to my goal. 

8/8/2018 We are on a Mission and we will overcome

a lil snit bit video to let you know we got it in this morning did you? We hope so, you can do this. Find a way don't find an excuse. 

8/7/2018 night motivation

I had to put in more work before midnight, if i'm going to push through my goal so this is what I did. 

8/7/2018 After Zumba

I will not only show you the good but also what seems discouraging at the time. I'm going to keep it real with you so you can see that yes your feelings are normal. The health Journey is a life style not a diet. 

Love on Yourself

Video from December 11, 2014 just showing you my progress on times past. I'm still working and pushing through. I'm not finished yet. 

Old Progress Video 8/2/2014

This video will give you a video progress on the body. I had a set back and gained some back. But I refuse to be defeated. I will not and can not give up,  I'm not finished yet. You can also do this. Love on Yourself.